lundi 16 septembre 2013

IR Digital Marketing Executive : sense of innovation + strong skills in Marketing & Finance. What else ?

Let's start by a warning : when you read in this blog "digital", understand web, mobiles, tablets, and technical platforms...

In a highly competitive environment, the Digital Marketing Executive have to focus on innovation whilst complying with regulatory constraints : understand customers needs - both buy-side and sell-side - in order to propose financial products and technical systems that fit their needs, increase the volume of securities traded and ultimately gain market share. This sense of innovation customer-focused contributes to protect and strenghten the brand, as it reinforces the customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Strong skills in Marketing is not enough to succeed. Strong skills in Finance is a real plus to propose the right media at the right time in a real customer centric approach. If you are looking now for someone able to help you to succeed in your digital transformation, we can talk, as I am comfortable with those two categories of skills.

My deep work on Social Media - how it can help businesses to gain market share in a B2B and/or B2C context (Essec 2011 - written in French) - brings me now a global view of the different digital levers of performance and how to articulate them respecting each specific usage.

In the different projects managed, I had to understand customer needs and then translate them into technical terms. In order to determine and adapt the trends, I used measurement tools, namely Google Analytics, Xiti and Watchmouse. I also defined KPIs on specific projects and created online surveys when necessary. I can truly say that I have experienced so long the very latest digital medias. And as "we can't manage what we can't measure", I am used to adapt tools to the business objectives and create reports to show effectiveness and ROI. 

My favourite aim : act business and customer oriented. In a company, the digital strategy I implemented helped to gain +20% of turnover on a customer group and +40% of turnover on another customer group in less than two years. In another one, as we redefined the whole strategy, the turnover jumped (+40% in one year).

Summing up, I resolutely have a business-oriented approach of my job based on strong marketing and technical skills. Multi-tasker, working to fixed deadlines, I integrate as a part of my job to propose solutions to challenges.

Interested ? Let's meet. Please contact me : m b l e c o z @ g m a i l . c o m.
And check my CV :

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